Youth Activities

EAA Chapter 292 is committed to giving back to the community through a variety of exciting activities that can inspire young people with opportunities to learn about aviation and careers, and to participate in the fun of flying and building aircraft.

Young Eagles

Young Eagle Rallies are held on the second Saturday of June and September at the Independence State Airport at the EAA Chapter 292 Center.  Flights are offered free of charge to young people between the ages of 8 and 18, and are made possible through the generosity of EAA Chapter 292 members.

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Teen Aviation Weekend

As a logical follow on to a Young Eagles Rally flight, Chapter 292 offers a complimentary, two-day weekend work shop where interested high-school students can explore aviation and aerospace topics and careers in more detail. 

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Building Airplanes

Building an airplane is a rewarding and educational process.  Young people are invited to participate in building an airplane with mentors provided by Chapter 292.

In addition to building a full sized aircraft, EAA Chapter 292, in conjunction with the Salem RC Pilots Association, helps youth build and fly radio controlled model airplanes.  Through gracious donations, the youth who build these aircraft get to keep and fly them.

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EAA Chapter 292 periodically awards scholarships for education and learning to fly.  The Chapter also makes grants to young people pursuing an education in an aviation and aerospace related field. The scholarships and grants are competitive and require an application.

EAA Air Academy

EAA Chapter 292, through a competitive process, awards a full scholarship to the EAA Air Academy, part of the annual, national AirVenture sponsored by the national EAA organization.  

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