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EAA Chapter 292 FAQs 

Why should I join EAA Chapter 292? 
If you have an interest in aviation, would like to develop new skill, or just want to socialize, 
volunteer and have fun, EAA Chapter 292 is the place for you!


When are the meetings?  
Our official monthly meetings are every 2nd Saturday of the month at 10 am, but you’ll likely find our “coffee klatch” hangar‐flying every weekday morning between 8:30‐9:30 am. 


What are the member benefits?  
Too many to mention. Activities, fly‐in, social, building skill, technical assistance, tool room, 
meeting room, camaraderie, food fun & frolic! 


How much does it cost to join?  
A family membership is $35 per year (in 2020 dollars), Payable in January. 


What if I like airplanes, but don’t have a pilot’s license?  
We have many members who don’t fly but enjoy all the ground‐based activities. Or. Perhaps you might change your mind an pursue a pilot’s license. We can help there too! 


Can I learn to fly by joining the Chapter? 
Although we don’t teach flying directly, we have associations with multiple flying clubs, training schools and Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs). We are working on having a low‐cost flying club. 


Is this an active Chapter?  
Any organization have members that are more active than others. With over 240 members, the majority of our members are active in one way or another. 


Does the Chapter have rules? 
Yes. As a as a 501 (c) (3) organization, we are governed by our Bylaws which are available on our website. Beyond those, we typically just use “common sense.” 


I’ve never built anything…much less an airplane! Will I fit in?
Absolutely, we have something for everyone. If you want to learn, there will be lots of opportunities for hand‐on training. If you don’t, there are lots of “non‐building” ways to be involved.  


Building experimental aircraft isn’t interesting to me. Will I fit in?  
Probably half of our members aren’t strictly “experimental” They either don’t have an aircraft at all or it’s a certified plane or “warbird.” However, once you see the benefits of experimental, all bets are off! 


I don’t live in the Independence Airpark…can I still join?  
Actually, only ~40% of our members live in the airpark. The majority live in the surrounding area. 


I live 100+ miles away. What do I get out of joining?  
We have members all up & down the West Coast. They like to remain members, receive the 
newsletter, and attend the various events whenever they return. Some of them always come back for our annual August Fly‐In and STOL Expo. 


I’d like to help by volunteering, what can I do?  
Being a volunteer organization, we have a job for anyone. Lead a committee, work on an aircraft, help with the youth program, take pictures/video, help with hangar maintenance or just flip pancakes! Based on your background and interests, we’ll find something interesting and fun for you


Can I use the Chapter’s Flight Simulator? 
Currently, All members get 1 hour free per year. Plus, members can purchase low‐cost blocks of time. After you are checked out, you can use the sim at any time, with‐or‐without an instructor. We are looking at programs to expand this. 


I’m still working and have a family so I can’t volunteer much, is that OK?  
We understand that working parents don’t have as much time to help. Sure that’s OK…but think about involving your spouse and kids too! 


Is member participation a requirement?  
We always like to see our members contribute. The members who are active and involved get the most enjoyment and return from their membership


Is this Chapter something my family can participate in?  
Absolutely, we have programs for Teens, and we find that many of our spouses get involved too. But don’t jump to the conclusion this is a “man’s club.” Many of our members are women (and pilots too). 


I am (or have) a teenager that would like to get involved, what can they do?  
Yes, we have specific programs for teens. Not only that, they can earn scholarships either for EAA AirVenture at Oshkosh, Flight Training, or other academic programs. 


I’m currently working on a project. What resources are available? 
Our Chapter has a wealth of EAA recognized Technical Counselors on our roster. We have 
specialists in sheet metal, composite, tube & fabric, welding and electrical. We also have our tool room and shop available. In addition, when it’s time to fly your project, we also have multiple EAA Flight Counselors. 


Are there resources to help teach the necessary building skills?  
Not only do we have Tech Counselors, we have many builders who would love to help you learn basic, or advanced skills 


I have a license but would like to get advanced ratings. How can the Chapter help?  
There are many CFIs, and CFIIs on our roster. We can connect you with them. Also consider taking advantage of the low‐cost Elite RC‐1 approved simulator for those advanced tickets. 


Will I have access to the hangar and tool room at any time?  
As a member, you’ll have access 24/7, 7 days a week! We recommend having a “buddy” around for tool room safety, but it’s not a requirement. 


How does someone donate something to the Chapter?  
EAA 292 is recognized as a 501 (c) (3) institution by the IRS. We accept donations that are 
monetary, property, tools, aircraft, etc. There is a form on our website. If the donation or estate is 
substantial, contact a Chapter Officer to make sure it’s handled correctly.

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