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EAA Ray Scholarship Candidate, Anders Walter, Passes Checkride!

Pictured below is Anders Walter, member of the Independence, Oregon, EAA Chapter 292 and Youth Activities Program Member.  He is also the chapter’s first Ray Scholar


Anders is a Teen Builder and has logged over 700 hours helping his peers build a Zenith 701.  Anders also helps with Young Eagle Rallies and the chapter’s annual, regional fly in.  After undergoing an exhaustive review, he was selected as 292’s Ray Scholarship Candidate from a list of four very qualified competitors. 


EAA National awarded the Ray Scholarship to Anders and he began his flight training on the 20th of April, 2019.   Mike Short, EAA Chapter 292 member and flight instructor, began training Anders in a Cessna 150, rented through Jeannie’s Flying Service (Jeannie Wildman EAA Chapter 292 member, as well).


Anders soloed on 19th of May and headed into learning about cross country, night flying and basic instrument work.  Anders passed his Private Pilot written exam on the 5th of September.  After a bit of polishing his maneuvers with Short, Anders and Ray Beverly, Designated Pilot Examiner, went flying on September 12.  Anders had a total of 58 hours in his logbook. 


After an exhaustive, two-hour flight review, where Beverly commented, “Anders did the best steep turns I have recently seen in a 150!”  Upon landing and review of the check ride, Anders was handed his temporary Private Pilot Certificate by Beverly.  Anders is planning on becoming a professional aviator and is considering missionary flying as well.  He is also planning on getting an engineering degree since he enjoys building airplanes as much as he does flying them. - Mike Ryer

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