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ME-262-2B (55%)

This is a cockpit mock-up of a WWII German twin engine jet, the ME-262-2B.  


Specifically, the two place night fighter or trainer version constructed at 55% of full size.


Construction is of 1/8, 1/4 plywood, double wall corrugated cardboard from the box the EAAs giant TV came in, a 4 x 8 sheet from Uline office supplies and some heavy cardboard from Home Depot.  All is glued together with Gorilla glue and Titebond III and lots of lightweight spackle filler.  


The plans are blown up 340% from a giant scale RC 262 with a 78 inch wingspan.  To do the enlargement I made a big planimeter (an old fashion tracing thingy that makes drawings bigger.)


From this mock-up is was determined that 55% is too small and a better choice would be 65% of full scale.


Why build something like this?  If you have to ask, maybe you wouldn't understand if I could explain it.


Walter Mitty (Vince Homer)

ME-262 55% A.jpg
ME-262 55% I.jpg
ME-262 55% G.jpg
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