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1st Annual EAA 292 STOL Expo 2017

Class Winners:


1st Place - Vanessa Nelson


Exp LSA:

1st Place - Steve Henry

2nd Place – Barry Porter



1st Place – Bill Whitney

2nd Place – Brian Bouchard

3rd Place - Brandon Marr


Exp Bush:

1st Place – Dennis Wittenberg

2nd Place – Brad Damm

3rd Place – Jim Oveross

4th Place – Henson Bartle

The first EAA STOL Expo 2017 was held Saturday, Sept 2,  under a CAVU sky... and sweltering heat (94F), density altitude about 2100'... But what a show it was!... Over 200 folks riveted to the drama played out by 10 stalwart pilots and their roaring aircraft. 

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