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Teen Build

Saturday Build Day starts at 9AM

Joy working on SonexMay 24- 2014.jpeg

Middle and Highschool students are invited to participate, at no cost, in building an airplane.  They are introduced to shop safety practices, and use of aircraft manufacturing equipment.  They are taken through teambuilding experiences and learn tools and techniques of project management.  The goal of these training experiences is to enable the builders to manage their own build of the aircraft while learning valuable, hands on skills as they work with their peers.  Mentors from the chapter provide the necessary training and support to help the builder achieve the completion and flight of their aircraft.  The build sessions are held every Saturday.  The build runs from September through June, following the school year.  Other build times are available by arrangement with the mentors to meet the participant's schedule.  Field trips are also a part of the Teen Build experience.  The builders visit the National Weather Service and observe a weather balloon launch and visit the air traffic control tower at a municipal airport.  Other field trips are taken to conferences and aerospace manufacturing and maintenance facilities. 


For more information contact Al Cleveland, project lead, at (503) 910-7786 or by email at 

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