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Who We Are

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) offers the fun and camaraderie of sharing your interest in flying, building, and restoring recreational aircraft.   Join with a passionate community of aviation enthusiasts as they pursue their various aviation related interests.

Our members’ interests include:

  • Amateur built experimental aircraft from scratch, plans and kits

  • General aviation aircraft

  • Warbirds

  • Ultralights

  • Light sport aircraft

  • Antiques and classics

  • Electric airplanes

What We Offer

We have tools, expertise and space to help our members  build or restore the airplane of their dreams.  Our Clubhouse has areas for building projects and many of the basic tools needed.

Our technical counselors help aircraft builders with technical and safety advice, and flight advisers help pilots prepare for first flights of experimental aircraft. 


One of our chapter’s finest assets is the varied skills and great cooperation of our members. Those with expertise in one area are glad to help other members, knowing that when they need help in another area there will be a member available with the necessary expertise.  With 170 members there is somebody in the club who has the knowledge and skills to help you with anything aviation.

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EAA Chapter 292 is based on the east side of the Independence State Airport, 7S5.

    UNICOM 122.975

     Runway 16/34 3100 ft

Our street address is:

         4803 Airport Road

         Independence, OR


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The Airpark

The Independence State Airport has an adjoining airpark of 210 homes all linked to the apron and runway by 12 paved taxiways.  The vast majority of these homes have private hangars and an enthusiastic group of airplane people.   In the detail image below the roads (in blue) coming from the bottom all end in cul-de-sacs, while the taxiways (in red) are car-free and lead on the top to main airport. This is one of the finest air parks in the north west, maybe the nation.  For a good video about the airpark produced by a local realtor (but very low key) featuring two of our EAA 292 members click here

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