Young Eagle Rallies

2020 Rally  Schedule

 June 13

Sept 19

Young Eagle Rallies, held in June and September, are patterned after the National EAA  program of the same name.  EAA Chapter 292 provides free exposure to what makes an airplane fly, the component parts of an airplane, how does weather affect flying and how do we navigate.  The participates get to fly a simulator.  Over forty volunteer ground personnel and about 15 pilots and aircraft provide this interesting and exciting experience.  The participates get firsthand experience flying an airplane.  They receive a log book recording their flight and a picture of the airplane in which they took their flight.  To help participants over 13 years of age, Sporty's (a major, national provider of flight training) provides free access to an on-line Private Pilot Ground School learning opportunity.  To help further their interest in sport aviation, they are later invited to participate in our Teen Aviation Weekend and Teen Build Program.


For more information on Young Eagle Rallies, please contact Cindy Woodworth, Young Eagle Coordinator at 425-457-0345 or on-line at