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2022 STOL Pilots
General Rules & STOL Pilot Registration Information

On June 18 - 19, EAA Chapter 292 will be hosting the “STOL WARS & Vans fly-in”. It’s open to the public and GA aircraft, but focused on STOL type aircraft (Short Takeoff and Landing).

Oregon’s Independence airport, 7S5, will be closed to aircraft traffic for 3.5 hours (9:30AM to 1:00pm) on the 19th, see NOTAM when posted. This short closure is a function of the premier event,

a limited STOL competition for Experimental and Certified aircraft… and experienced pilots.


STOL event starts at 10:00, NOTAM will be canceled as soon as competition is finished, but no later than 1:00PM.

Registration: STOL pilots wanting to apply for a spot in the STOL competition… must first register for the FLY-IN and pay a $10 fee (to be covered by EAA insurance) There you will find instructions for STOL registration. About 25 positions are planned, first come first served. Register here.

STOL registration is subject to approval from information returned on STOL Application. Applications must be requested from the Fly-in page via email, then emailed out. Once approved, a ‘Safety

Packet’ will be emailed needing signatures. Return signed forms at Pilot Briefing Sunday June 19 th at 0830.

This year we are following EAA National requirements - same as Oshkosh STOL event. Registered STOL pilots must show proof of liability insurance, please include document with your Safety Packet

at Pilot Briefing.

Aircraft Classes will be divided into five classes at this time.

  • Certified at 1320 GW and under(LSA)

  • Experimental at 1320 GW and under = (EXP LSA)

  • Certified over 1320 GW = (BUSH)

  • Experimental over 1320 GW = (EXP BUSH)

  • Touring (TOUR) aircraft designed for (4+) seats


More classes are being proposed.

Avgas available 24/7.

Star Duster Café is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Also, Boy Scouts will be selling (great) hotdogs or burgers or polish sausage for lunch at EAA building.

Motels, banks, restaurants available locally in the towns of Independence and Monmouth.

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