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The EAA 292, FMX-4 Project

In 1994 Barnaby Wainfan flew his unique lifting body FMX-4 to Air Venture and created an unfulfilled interest in the airplane.  Soon thereafter an engine-out damaged the airplane and it has sat in storage ever since.  In 2014 Barnaby decided to help EAA 292 recreate this airplane.  A project led by Bob Ingle has been steadily building this airplane so that after the first one flies, multiples can be be created.  Read about his progress to date by clicking on either image. 

Click here to see the engine start and taxi test.

November 2022 Update- 

Bob has made great progress. The air frame is finished. He did the final cover work then towed it to Ernie Moreno's hangar for paint prep, finish cloth preparation, painting the UV coat and then covering in Nevada Silver. Note how he and Ernie had to lift the mains to be able to paint the bottom. After it dried, they added the N numbers and the Star Wars Rebel Alliance decals. 

image (2).png

Jan 2019 project photos

IMG_0729 (800x600).jpg
IMG_0733 (800x600).jpg
IMG_0731 (800x600).jpg
IMG_0734 (600x800).jpg
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