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$250 Smoke System

Vince Homer's recent Kit Plane magazine article on a "home built" smoke generating system anyone can build.

Technical Basics of Electric Flight

David Ullman's 2010 paper for EAA Experimenter on the baiscs of electric flight.

Hear the Hum.

David Ullman's 2009 article for KitPlanes on the future of electric flight.

Converting Giant R/C Plans Into Your Walter Mitty Fighter

VInce Homer's article published in the EAA Experiment on designing a home built from model airplane plans


Ever want an inexpensive tachometer that can remotely sense RPM?  Read Vince Homer's article for KitPlanes and learn how.

Using Dry Wall Spackle as a Filler Material

VInce Homer's article for KitPlanes where he compares 10 different dry wall spackles.

David Ullman's paper published in KitPlanes describing how he cut 50 deg of his CHTs with Vortex Generators.

Converting a Harbor Freight Compression Tester for Aircraft Engine Use

Vince Homer's article for KitPlanes

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