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Meeting Program

Second Saturday of Every month in the EAA 292 Clubhouse.

We are currently using video/conferencing due to the COVID19 pandemic.


Video Link
May 2021
Chris Pryce
KR-2S Project
April 2021
Jake Schultz
Taylor Aerocar History
March 2021
Terry Adair
The Afford-A-Plane
January 2021
Dwight Hoover
Zenith 701 and His 150 Hp Yamaha Apex Engine
December 2020
Jan Eggenfellner
Viking Aircraft Engines
November 2020
David Hertner of Fisher Flying Products
Talking about their "low and slow" designs, including their electric airplanes
October 2020
John Monnett
Sonex Update, Sonex Aerospace
September 2020
Barnaby Wainfan
7 Deadly Sins Of Aircraft Design
August 2020
Jerry Pryce
Compression and Timing
May 2020
No specific
General topics
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